Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fun Letter Writing from a Cat's Point of View

I had my kids at school write a letter to my daughter pretending they were my daughter's cat, Muffassa.  I showed them the video she made about her cat, some pictures of him dressed up in her baby clothes & told them a few stories about Muffassa.  I call him Maximus because he's so huge! 
We also read a bunch of picture books that had letter writing included & discussed how letters could be used to tell a story.  These are some of the books we read:
I Wanna Iguana
Product Details
Yours Truly Goldilocks
Product Details
Dear Mr. Blueberry
Product Details
Dear Mrs. LaRue:  Letters from Obedience School
Product Details
Dear Juno
Product Details
and With Love, Little Red Hen
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Dear Peter Rabbit
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They loved pretending that they were such a bad kitty & loved making demands on my daughter to do this & to do that for them.  It was a great introduction to letter writing for them.  They used wonderful 'show me sentences' and let my daughter really know how they felt about her not cleaning their litterboxes on time & what they thought about her food choices and the like.
It was a great lesson & I just thought I'd share.
What was your favorite lesson of all time - either by you or from a favorite teacher you had?

Here's the youtube link that I showed my kids of Muffassa:

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  1. That's such a cool idea! Giving kids a "real" reason to communicate always seems to work well, and the writing they come up with is so creative.