Sunday, February 3, 2013

Favorite Apps So Far...

Love this app for creating videos for my kids!

A great app for spelling and word creation.

Create a cartoon.

This app is awesome - it costs a bit but it's totally worth it.  Kids can go to various islands & choose books to place in thier backpack to read.  This app also has educational videos.  LOVE it!!!

Who doesn't love Starfall???  A great app for beginning readers and children who are learning to read!

Sign up for Raz-Kids for reading!  A great tool for home reading & reading programs at school.  I adore this one too!!!  There's a cost to this one too, but it's worth it!

These apps are great for stories & reading.   Kids can choose to read on thier own or read along.  Words are highlighted as they are read.  There are many free stories to choose from.

A great app for kids telling a story.  You simply have the child dictate thier story & it writes the words for you.  Editing will be required.

One of my most favortie apps of all time!!!  The kids love this one!  Add a picture into the story & voila your name & face are included in storytime!  Everyone wants a turn at it!  There is one free story included & you can buy other stories for $7.00.  WORTH IT!!!

These are apps by Collins.  You can read a story & create one of your own.  The stories provided are a little boring, but you can jazz your own story up!  They are free & the story creator section is VERY good!!!

What are your favorite apps for learning & education?  I'd love to know!  Please add your favorites to the "comment" section so I can check them out!

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